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Thinking in systems consequently deals with complexity, no matter whether in organisations, businesses or communities. Each individual within a system influences the whole thing. As a result, we need to consider how individuals interact and which cause-and-effect relationships exist among them. Because the task at hand, to create a sustainable society, is huge and complex, it requires collaborations of all kinds of scientists, economists, researchers, teachers, sustainability consultants and many more.

The big picture

The natural step’s logic of change

We strongly believe that we can create a thriving, prosperous society within nature’s limits. Natural and social sciences tell us how. Our sustainability principles are the design constraints for a clear articulation of a sustainable society.

The transformation journey towards sustainability is being led by innovators who create different ways of meeting basic human needs within the new design constraints. Although most actions and investment will take place within the context of institutions and organisations, we need to understand that no organisation can be sustainable in an unsustainable society.

In the end, it is the system that must become sustainable.

At The Natural Step Germany, we believe that the transition to a sustainable society begins by increasing awareness, commitment and competence in individuals to help them understand the meaning of sustainability. Integrating the sustainability principles into their decision-making and actions is crucial for success.

With our programmes, methods and tools, we help and support individuals to develop these qualities so that they can start to collaborate effectively with others. Ultimately, they begin to build awareness, commitment and competence within their societal and business organisations.

The Natural Step’s contribution to supporting this change is unique. It is based on our expertise of the social processes of sustainability-driven innovation. We get people to interact with different people in carefully designed processes and respect the way in which adults learn. This is vitally important for sustainability efforts to be enduring in the long-term.

Our work and offerings foster the transformation towards a sustainable world where we can have good lives. This is a real transformation journey; it’s no longer an incremental journey. It requires enormous ingenuity and efforts from individuals, the organisations they are part of, and at every scale from local to global. Every single individual counts and the transformation begins with you!

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