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Inspiration through listening

The Natural Step has proven to be highly effective at helping individuals and organisations to understand sustainability as a vital springboard to drive change towards a better life and value-driven growth within the limits of nature. Besides our transformation programmes and training, we offer moderation and a wide range of coaching services. Our senior associates and managing partners are not only facilitators, but also popular conference moderators and keynote speakers. Our inspiring events and lectures are purposeful and tailored to the audience.

About our moderation services


Arranging a conference or seminar on the diverse sustainability challenges and issues can be a complex, time-consuming and expensive task. But all the careful preparation work can be wasted if the event lacks fundamental science-based knowledge of the topic itself and fails to engage and involve the audience.

At The Natural Step Germany, we ensure that our events and seminars run smoothly to time with engaging and instructive sessions, lively panel discussions and keynote lectures, and a clear focus on the defined objectives.

The members of our team are fluent speakers in English and German, and many of them speak other languages fluently as well. They are experts in sustainability and related topics, but also sensitive to cultural and political differences within potential audiences across Europe. Apart from our own events, we advise on event planning, formats and details of speakers’ presentations. Globally renowned sustainability experts have been part of our international network for many years, so we know them personally and it’s easy for us to engage them as outstanding speakers for events and seminars.

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About our coaching services


At The Natural Step Germany, we truly believe that an in-depth understanding of sustainability and sustainable development begins by increasing awareness, commitment and competence in individuals.

With our personalised and customised coaching services, we support individuals to develop the required knowledge so that they can start to collaborate effectively with others to accelerate sustainability. Very often, we integrate our coaching services in our transformation programmes and combine them with our competence development offerings.

Our coaching is made for any individual or leader who wishes to achieve better sustainability performance within an organisation or in life. What are the benefits?

  • Greater clarity, focus and strategic insights in regard to the most relevant sustainability issues.
  • Improved relationships and teamwork, based on the sustainability principles and our common language.
  • Enhanced levels of competence and confidence, even in regard to complex science-based topics.
  • Increased commitment and ability to motivate colleagues and collaborators to drive change towards a sustainable society and living.
  • Enhanced leadership quality and improved planning skills to drive change.


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