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The Natural Step Germany provides a wide range of services for individuals and organisations. In our labs and programmes you can internalise our approach and framework. You will learn to speak our common language, which is understood by many others, and how to apply our processes, methods and tools. You can use them individually and in your organisation, no matter whether it is public or private. We help you to develop an intelligent sustainability strategy, applying ecologically and socially sustainable measures. You can also rely on our professional research and consulting and coaching services (for private companies we also refer to Sustainable Growth Associates, our trusted partner whose professionals speak your language). Please have a look at upcoming labs, trainings, courses, events, publications and reports.

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Around the globe, The Natural Step is a highly respected provider of science-based education programmes. Our labs, trainings and courses are proven in practice. You will understand very quickly how to apply our methods and how to use them in your organisation, community or business. Become part of our joint journey towards sustainability!

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